Thursday, June 3, 2010

Next quarter's schedule

We talked briefly about what each meeting should encompass to attract more people, especially come next quarter. I think making a rough mock up 'schedule' would be beneficial and a goal to shoot for. Kirshna brought up a good point that the week of Midterms and Finals are probably not going to be too eventful for obvious reasons - are we going to skip meetings those weeks or keep it 'light'?

Some ideas are..

Week 1 - Introductions
Week 2 - SequaClub Comic Book Discussion (Deadline Week 9)
Week 3 - Guest Speaker
Week 4 - Quick Draw Contest 1
Week 5 - Tutorials 1
Week 6 - Break? (Midterms)Or Student work show and tell/critique
Week 7 - Check up on comic book pages
Week 8 - Quick Draw Contest 2 OR Tutorials
Week 9 - Comic pages due
Week 10- Finals, no meeting

Guest Speakers Self explanatory.
Tutorials - I love doing tutorials, so I wouldn't mind helping with this part. Could be at student request (such as 'i have trouble with dynamic angles' or 'i suck at coloring, help!')
SequaClub'Quick Draw' contest (Random theme challenge - 30/45 minutes drawing, remainder of time critiquing) Could even offer small, silly prizes with this. Encourages involvement and practice that everyone needs.