Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Testing a new style

It's Gomon and Draco that have to suffer. I kinda got the idea for this a long time ago but never went through with it till last night...when I couldn't sleep at all. Yep, sleeplessness results. It seems a bit squished together because the only scanner I could find was a small one. The next result of this will be better.

Some Food For thought


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Questions for Guest Speakers

If you have any particular questions for guest speakers you would like answered, submit them here! Be it tutorials, advice, what to expect or general questions. Here are a few that were discussed during the last club meeting. Remember, this club is about making comics, not reading comics. Keep questions focused on the craft.

1. Source for new ideas, how to keep the script flowing.
2. What writers look for in an artist.
3. What should artists expect in collaboration with a writer
4. What are some mistakes beginning artists make when staring out.
5. Process of promotion

Potentially think of themes for each guest speaker to concentrate on for particular focus.
15 minutes toward end focused on questions, 45 presentation.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kinda quiet..

Soo..whats happening this quarter?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Next quarter's schedule

We talked briefly about what each meeting should encompass to attract more people, especially come next quarter. I think making a rough mock up 'schedule' would be beneficial and a goal to shoot for. Kirshna brought up a good point that the week of Midterms and Finals are probably not going to be too eventful for obvious reasons - are we going to skip meetings those weeks or keep it 'light'?

Some ideas are..

Week 1 - Introductions
Week 2 - SequaClub Comic Book Discussion (Deadline Week 9)
Week 3 - Guest Speaker
Week 4 - Quick Draw Contest 1
Week 5 - Tutorials 1
Week 6 - Break? (Midterms)Or Student work show and tell/critique
Week 7 - Check up on comic book pages
Week 8 - Quick Draw Contest 2 OR Tutorials
Week 9 - Comic pages due
Week 10- Finals, no meeting

Guest Speakers Self explanatory.
Tutorials - I love doing tutorials, so I wouldn't mind helping with this part. Could be at student request (such as 'i have trouble with dynamic angles' or 'i suck at coloring, help!')
SequaClub'Quick Draw' contest (Random theme challenge - 30/45 minutes drawing, remainder of time critiquing) Could even offer small, silly prizes with this. Encourages involvement and practice that everyone needs.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


This thumbnail sketch is inspired by Zero's original layout. Just added more depth and a canted angle to it, for some "pizazz". Combined with the info layout, that Steph did, as well as the color scheme, throw in a few old school printing dots and I'm thinking it could be a cool flyer. What do you think guys and gals?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poster idea

My idea for the club poster. I like the little AiSC logo for whatever reason, even if its silly. Template is nice and organized so we can replace the picture and text/colors whenever. The image I put in is just something I drew for now to show off a 'complete' looking image for the poster. Not necessarily the one we'l put up.