Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Sequential Arts resources

Sequa's BACK!

Many Thanks to Jared for setting up the blog. I'm really excited about the upcoming anthology project! Here are a few fantastic sequential arts resources that will inspire, educate and motivate you on your quest to make your comic!

  • Art & Story Podcast: GREAT podcast resource on the craft of making comics!

  • Big Illustration Party Time: Fantastic podcast on the ins-and-outs of freelance illustration and cartooning

  • Webcomics Weekly: Lots of tips and tutorials for making and marketing your webcomic

  • Ka-Blam: Digital printing for comics

  • SEQALAB: Savannah College of Art and Design's Sequential Art department podcast, made by the students. Great resource!

More to come, but this should be a good start.


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