Monday, January 4, 2010


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  1. OK. I can't find the other pages of the script. So in a nut shell for pages 5-7 the guy is still in a dream sequence (spoiler after the fact) and he's looking at his hands which is covered in blood and then it goes through the transition of either his eyes closing or his hand becoming clean of blood and then in a marriage proposal position. You guys tell me what would look cooler.
    Then it goes to a full page splash where the guy finds out that the one he proposed to, is interested in someone else. The two figures in the background will be ghostly or something while the guy on the ground is devastated and the reality (clothes and stuff) is being ripped away from him.
    Then the last page the reveal where he was "dreaming" and then you can't see it too well but the last panel is a close up of the cell phone with an incoming call from the name that will be all of the sound effects from his dream.

    so a couple of twist and turns on this one. Let me know about the panel layouts let me know if I should be more crazy with the dream sequence layouts or should I add some kind of element to make it more dreamy? Same thing goes for the dream within the dream 5.5 and 6.