Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poster idea

My idea for the club poster. I like the little AiSC logo for whatever reason, even if its silly. Template is nice and organized so we can replace the picture and text/colors whenever. The image I put in is just something I drew for now to show off a 'complete' looking image for the poster. Not necessarily the one we'l put up.


  1. I really like this setup and I love the detail of the bar code on the side. I really love this setup, lets go for it. Image is needed so ho about we make few concepts for the image. I like the Idea of Brandon and Krishna in it.

  2. Alright! I still want to add a bit more to the template though - more information specifically. Whats the actual room we try to use? I just put a random room number in there. Also, for the comic book, what information did we want to give out to entice people to join the club?