Thursday, July 22, 2010

Questions for Guest Speakers

If you have any particular questions for guest speakers you would like answered, submit them here! Be it tutorials, advice, what to expect or general questions. Here are a few that were discussed during the last club meeting. Remember, this club is about making comics, not reading comics. Keep questions focused on the craft.

1. Source for new ideas, how to keep the script flowing.
2. What writers look for in an artist.
3. What should artists expect in collaboration with a writer
4. What are some mistakes beginning artists make when staring out.
5. Process of promotion

Potentially think of themes for each guest speaker to concentrate on for particular focus.
15 minutes toward end focused on questions, 45 presentation.

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  1. You remember that one time in Uncanny X-Men #205.... Just kidding

    How many pages, a day, are expected of any artist?

    Once the scripts is written, regardless of how descriptive, do you let the artist know what part to place the most emphasis on, or does the artist usually take control of that?

    (if a penciler other than Mike Perkins) When penciling are you aware and do make a conscience effort to change your "normal" pencils into something that an inker can easily follow? Or do you just go with whatever you can put out in the allotted time?