Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SequA poster

^^^^^^Colors are not final^^^^^^

This is the idea, My toon is holding up the bottom half of the logo to the Sequential Arts club (my spelling sucks, thats why i had jared txt me eight times for just the logo spelling lol) On the notes to the sketch you can see bullet to the lines i would put in the bubble (where the "This is a test?!" is) You can see I was playing around with the background as well, thinking I might not put one in but well see. If I have to (and if the others want me I will make the logo thing that I got going on the paper as well if you want me to.

On the upper half of this will be Zero's character pulling up the sign on the right side ~~> (that side) in his own comic-ish panel.

does it work? yes? no? help...


  1. Ha ha, I think I like it.

    Do you think Comic Sans is appropriate font for a comic club? I say we do it just to give all the Graphic Designers an aneurysm.

  2. I think it's awesome, and I love the little phrases. If we do more than one of these, we could do something similar every comic release.

  3. I think it'll be cool to use :D Comic Sans or pick a font that you can give to us all that you find free online will be good to carry about ya know? thanks lol

  4. I think they can handle few seizures.......