Thursday, November 26, 2009

-Still Very Much Lacking Title-

EDIT: Second Page done~

Page 1
Page 2


  1. 8 hours on one page penciled, inked, and colored?! I'd say you're working fast. Most comic professionals can only pencil a page a day, unless you're John Romita Jr. then you're doing like 2 or 3 pages a day.

    Keep putting the hours because this is going out to the masses, from Tampa to Calabasas.....with good work comes more fans and lives touched.

    that last part really sounded girly

  2. Names
    "Crimson Infatuation"
    "Where the red stain grows"
    "Bloody Desire"
    "Blood Drenched"
    "Hugged by Crimson"

  3. Nah, it took me 8 hours just to color @ w @;; Inking and drawing didn't take too long though...can't remember how long though. I'm really lazy so spending more than 4 hours on a page really kills me XD

    Thanks for the title suggestions~ I'm trying to stay away from crimson, it's very cliche, also putting blood in the title seems too straightforward. I wanted to incorporate the word Grotesque in there somewhere, since the type of fashion with blood-stained clothes is called Grotesque Lolita. I like vague titles - w-

    Haaa lives touched by GORE - w-

  4. Its good coloring, but from first to second kinda hard to tell it was splattered onto her shirt. you go "AHH HA!!" when the second page comes along lol. Id be a little pissed

  5. I'm thinking in that scene it hadn't reached her shirt yet?

  6. Yeah, it's more like on the first page it was just showing that the girl got cut -w-