Saturday, November 21, 2009

-Untitled For Now-

Hey, this is Tania~ I enjoyed the first meeting I attended, and am totally excited for it. So, I actually finished drawing my comic already. I'll have to scan them when I can to get some feed back. Till then, here's some concept drawings~
This was the original drawing I had for the main character. But I've changed the style for this comic...

Here's her revamped:

Not much different, but whatebs.
Anyway, I guess the main issue I'm having is wondering what I can do for color or toning...I only want to do it in color for the blood, but I'm soooo lazy and really don't wanna color the whole thing XD I'd rather do screen tones...either way, I need to know the legal-stuff about using the school's programs or programs obtained not-so-legally...
Okay, well, I'll post some of the pages when I get them scanned. It ended up being six pages, hope that's okay~



  1. I like you style and the idea you explained in class was good to just try not to loose your story in all the blood lol keep it coming!!!!

  2. I really like the second, revamped, version. Very clean lines and reads very well. Maybe you should really not mention non-legal stuff being used. 6 pages is awesome!!! Quick turn around. Well done. As far as the colors or tones or shades, we probably have to see what the story is like.

  3. Great style Tania! The second image is looking really nice. Stronger pose and more definition than the first. What do you use to ink?

  4. @Jamie: Thank you > w< I definately tried not to, especially since (despite this story) I don't really like gore XD Is that weird??

    @bamf: Haaa, just being honest~

    @Krishna: Thank you~
    Um, usually a micron or prisma liner...I think I used a .5 for that one...