Saturday, December 5, 2009

Info for the President

so, not just for the president, but for everyone involved in this little shin-dig called the Sequa Club.

Everyone sorta needs to chime in on how many days do we want to set up for, or how many people are going to actually go and sit behind the table or are we going to trade off while we're all at the show? And all of that jazz.

Not only that, but make sure we keep updating our pages over the break, so we can get good quality feedback from both Krishna and McKinney, and actually have time to do the changes required before taking it to print. I'm pretty sure I butchered that last sentence, grammatically, but I don't care.

Also, maybe lets start thinking about cover ideas for the book as well as any advertising for behind our booth. Remember to save some money so we can have plenty of money for printing as well as some money for some snacks while at the Mega-Con.

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  1. good point, I'm going to be there for two different booths as Michael already knows lol so I'll help with what I can at the time.