Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some more concept

Hey Gang, here is the concept for My other character, the muscle
of the group, Alepeko Minaloa full of power from Hawaii.
it has taken a lot of time because of finals, it seems like
a lot on my end since Im in school for limited time
with the wacom screens. I did a few variations to see what
Could work and what I could improve upon. Personally Im leaning
towards the two middle ones even though my first concept
was the farthest to the left. The one in the far right seems more
like Flash, and it was hard for me to decide the colors for that last one.
I started with green but he looked like the orange county garbage man
and the big G does not help getting that concept out of your mind.
comment please.


  1. i like the blue and yellow one but more so the blue one :) good concepts

  2. I would say I like the yellow as well, but it's too close to that flame guy. Unless of course you're going with the whole team element thing. Maybe try the mask element on some of the other ones to see what that looks like. See if you can do that with the Blue one.
    The design of the character is very clean and comic booky. Yes i just made up that word. Trademark.