Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A sketch :3

I was sketching in Aesthetics and I got this I was thinking about what would be some good monsters to add to my comic and asked skye to draw me out one. The one she drew was much more creepy then the one I drew in the picture. but he's gonna be one of the creatures in my comic. >>

But yeah this is the style it's probably going to be in since it's my most basic drawings. I doubt I'll be coloring cause I'm to lazy (and busy) for that and I think I'm better at line art then inking and color. We'll see how it works out.

Any C+C is more then welcome! :D


  1. Is this still the heaven and hell one?? o 3o Either way, I think it's awesome > w< And that monster ish cute~ So is your comic just gunna be in pencil then?

  2. Hmmmmmm....I'm kinda' scared of putting color into my pages as well, BUT, you should at least thinking about going "Old School" and put in flats unless you're going for the whole big, bold, black noir style, which really doesn't look like the style you're going for. At least think about doing some flats to separate the images from one another. And as far as the inking goes.....if your pencils are tight enough just put them into photo shop and bump up the contrast or levels and then Viola! Instant inks.

  3. Nice, I agree with Mike. If you're going to do color, try to do only flats just for the sake of getting it done. I know I certainly won't have time for colors.

    I really like your drawing style, resembles the recent movement in American comics. Fusion style I believe its called?