Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cover Idea

I was thinking about the cover, and I figured we could each draw a character or something from our comics and then put them together. That way the cover can accurately depict what our readers can expect (styles, story etc) and we don't have to rely on one person to take care of the whole task. Maybe we can have every have their drawings done by next week, and whoever doesn't have theirs done, will just be left out of the cover, but since (hopefully) most of us will have them done, there would still be material for the cover. Welp, just a suggestion anyway, guess we'll talk more about it during the meeting...


  1. If you want to try and handle that one, by all means! You seem pretty eager about the idea, so maybe the task of compositing the characters on to the page you can take up.

    I suppose it really depends on how the compilation character cover is applied and put together. There is nothing wrong with it, but i've seen some covers of this nature that are tacky and - considering each person has their own style very inconsistent looking and detached. What are some ideas you have for how it will be put together? What will be going on in the image? What is the layout?

    Admittedly I am skeptical personally - not so much that all the characters are present on the cover but the format that it might be done in. I almost think it would be better to have one person draw out the other main characters in the anthology to keep a consistant look rather than everyone cutting out their own characters unless you can think of a way to do that effectively in an aesthetically pleasing way.

    Also, this prevents any one character from being left out because lets face it - things do happen. Life happens. Murphy's law is a pain!

  2. Tania, are you thinking about a checkerboard effect? And if so, are you thinking that maybe all of the "squares" of illustration should be in different colors or should they all have a similar overlay of color to keep them cohesive?

    I'll see if I can put up a possible format up by tonight. But the yaking has got to come first.

  3. I'm just worried that going about the cover this way is going to end up making it look like a quickie photoshop "cut and paste" routine. If not much time and effort is put into the cover itself, why would someone even bother opening the book? There should be just as much care going into the cover as there is with the work presented inside.

    I'm with Steph on this one, since I've seen plenty of hack cover work done this way and it just looks off.

    Depending on how it gets put together though, I could just be jumping too quick into assumption. Do you have any layout ideas on how it'll look if we were to do this method?

  4. having one piece of art drawn by one person could be good, but whoever the artist is, needs to get input from the creator, that way the characters on the book aren't doing things that are out of character on the cover. And IF anyone can combine the variation of genres into one image then I say go ahead. But if not, then I say we divide it up into separate uniform panels with a similar theme or head shot.

  5. It was just a suggestion. I just feel for the person who ends up having to do it on their own. Good luck to them. Any idea who is, btw?