Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I hope I uploaded that right I kinda forgot how to do it.

Well this is my mecha. I did it partly during class. IT's not done...but I thought I'd upload it before I lost it or messed it up. I know it's pretty rough. I like everything BUT the arm with the finger guns....I wanted it to be out of proportion but
it just seems really really off.

Erh thats about it then....


  1. Over all, it is a nice image. It IS a feat to be able to warp proportions but maintain a sense of believability and reality, and I commend you for the attempt. I sure as heck have a hard time with it. However I think anatomy studies will help that.
    The part that stands out most to me is the torso - well done, and the way the shapes contort and conform to the body are pretty nice. The chest seems a bit too rounded, but that might just be me (it needs more 'weight').

    The shading I think (at least with the light grey) would look better just pencil-sketched in rather than smudged. But I am anal and biased against smudging, too, haha.

  2. I like her over all and I agree With Steph, the chest is a bit to round, But i like how bad ass she looks. It may be just me but I would like to see it in color, it kind of screams at me, or maybe it is my brain filling in the color.

    Great job!

  3. Lol. the chest is round purposely. I gave her a back story and every piece of her has some sort of purpose. He chest area is remove able. the are nades. It was a fun idea for giggles. Lol As for the smudging I always seem to run to it when I get to lazy to find a different type of pencil or just change the weight of my fingers. It's a horrible habit on my part.

    Thanks :D

    I'm thinking of coloring it. Once I finish the penciling part I'll see how I feel about it. :3

  4. If they are purposeful, since she is in a mech suit anyway make it look more separate perhaps?