Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I made a concept of this a long time ago but I never digitized it.
Here is my Mech, M-160. I intensified the shadows from before.
Comment pleas


  1. MY GOD! That looks awesome!

    I really like the design! I think it would look cool if it had a bit of a metallic shine to it

  2. I see what you are saying....got caught up in the draft dance. lol, ill get to fixing it

  3. The design of the mech/robot thing itself is pretty sound, though the placement of some of the limbs is a little awkward. Mainly the lower half - starting just above the legs and down. I am assuming the mech is supposed to be a 'strong' character and the sketch here shows it a bit bow-legged, implying a weak stance.

    Body language can make a picture! Sketch a few different silhouettes out before deciding on a shape and composition - it helps me a lot.

    The coloring of the 'hair' is pretty great! I would like to see that coloring style in the rest of the robot. The shading in the arm to the right also is pretty sound - however it looks like you have different light sources for different parts of the body - the source is inconsistant. Be careful with that! I notice a lot of people shade without giving thought to the light source.

  4. And I tried to make the light source too, that is where I started, by adding the light source. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for the silhouette study observation! trying it in photoshop because I want my sharpie to last