Thursday, April 22, 2010


What we could do is draw our characters in the selected bars, just a close up of their eyes and whatever else may be around the head area. That way we can also have the different art styles show through(along with some storytelling)and it will keep the potential readers in mystery until they open up the book.

OR so maybe something like this. We can all draw our characters, but we can just use the negative space for each character in the designated rectangle. Now whether or not the rectangles are all red or different colors, whatever we all decide. What's the title of the book going to be? is it the group name or is it "book title" brought to you by "group name"?

let me know


  1. I like the Idea of having horizontal bars, it seems mysterious, gives a sense of curiosity. with that being said, we need to give our characters that look of mystery through the bars, think it through. also if we go to that route are we going to make it monochromatic or are we going to keep colors?

  2. Oooh I really like that idea actually!! That way I don't have to draw a whole body either XD Plus, it's really cool either way~ Brilliant, I vote for this XD